Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Seclusion and Meditation

"Hisbodedus (Seclusion and Meditation) is one of the greatest among the
lofty character traits. It is the path of the greatest righteous Tzadikim and through this
very medium the prophets achieved revelation.

It is divided into two categories: external and internal hisbodedus. The
purpose of external hisbodedus [or seclusion of the body] is to reach a level of
internal hisbodedus [or meditation and seclusion of the mind] which is the top rung of
the ladder of revelation. And more so it itself is revelation."

Rabbeinu Avraham Maimonidies son of the Rambam – Sefer Hamispik leOvdei

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Man's Soul is G-d's Candle

Each Tzadik and Ba'al Teshuva, each pious righteous one and each penitent returnee has a halo, an aura of blue like a flame of fire surrounding them.

Sefer Charedim

Our soul flickers like the flame of candle, this is why a Jew sways when he speaks words of Torah, he is a candle aflame.

The Holy Zohar